About Piraab

Company Profile

Type of Business : Producer of Modified Starch for papermaking, etc.
Shareholders : Oji Trading Co.,Ltd. 49%
    Thai partner 51%
Established : November 1983
Location : Head Office :683 Onnuch Road ,Bangkok , Thailand
Factory : 74 Moo 22 , Bangnumpreo, Chachoengsao, Thailand
Plant Capacity : 72,000 tons/year

Modified starch is made from tapioca starch through chemical and physical changes. It is used to improve the properties of the resultant paper as  an internal additive, internal bonding, coating binder and as an adhesive.
Our product can be applied to all kinds of paper such as coated paper and printing  paper.

Established   Nov. 1983

PIRAAB is a modified starch produced by introducing chemical substitutes into a starch molecule. Co-invented by the research departments of Honshu Sangyo Co., Ltd. Of Japan (today known as Oji Trading Co., Ltd.) and Piraab Starch Co., Ltd. of Thailand, it has been an integral material for paper production by major Japanese manufacturers for the past 30 years. As a cationic starch, Piraab enhances fines and filler retention, thus, improving the quality of resultant paper. These are just some of the advantages from using Piraab as an additive :

1. Improved retention of fines and filler.
2. Increased internal wet-web bounding strength.
3. Easier de-watering of paper-machine wiring
4. Applicability in “neutral” or “alkaline” papermaking.

Consequently, “PIRAAB” ensures improved product quality and reduced production costs in a variety of papermaking processes, handmade and machine made, and papers such as liner board, wood-free, printing, base and art papers.

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